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Warren Lane

Sport in Torrington in the past

The History of the Plough

The Women’s Land Army in Torrington

Are there any old Toll-Houses left around Torrington?

Great Torrington School during the Second World War

RHS Garden Rosemoor

What is that Derelict Factory down in the river valley below Torrington?

How old is the Parish Church?

Where does the River Torridge rise?

Dartington Crystal celebrates fifty years (June 2017)

When was there a railway service to Torrington?

What Industries were there in Torrington in the past?

When was the Battle of Torrington?

Two local landmarks

Did Torrington ever have a Livestock Market?

Mill Street?

How long has the building in South Street that looks like a church been a Members’ Social Club?

Who were the Rolles?

How far do the Commons extend and for how long have they existed?

What is the Tarka Trail and where is it?

When was the Torrington Canal in operation and where was it?

Mayfair in the 1920s & 30s

Is the town called Torrington or Great Torrington

The History of the Torrington Cavaliers

How old is Great Torrington?

Which are the Oldest Streets in the Town?

Where was the Medieval Castle situated?

What is the Care Forum?

What are the Great Torrington Almshouse, Town Lands and Poors Charities?

Is the Bowling Club really as old as the date on its clubhouse?

Who was Thomas Fowler?

Where was the Gazebo at Rosemoor originally situated?

What is the long cobble-covered hump in the churchyard?

How many Pubs are there in Torrington?

Where was Torrington’s Old Cinema?

How old is the Pannier Market?

How old is the Drinking Fountain in Torrington’s Square?

What are those Strip Fields across the valley?

Where was the Old Workhouse?

Where was Sydney House?

Does Torrington have any contact with other towns of the same name?

A Mayoral visit to Torrington, Connecticut

Great Torrington Museum

Joshua Reynolds

Conservation Area

Rolle Family

Past Industries

Dartington Crystal

Torrington Canal

Railway Line

The Tarka Trail

Tarka Country

‘Big Sing’

Silver Band



Torrington Cavaliers

The Parish Church

Battle of Torrington

Golf Course

Common Land


River Torridge

Great Torrington – Cavalier Town (written by Moira Brewer, local author)