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Environmental Protection

Torridge District Council’s Environmental Protection team works to protect the local environment and to control pollution. We also provide pest control advice and animal welfare services.

Our Mission is our commitment to improve the service we provide.

The Torridge Strategic Plan sets a vision of Torridge a great place to live, work and visit.  This statement cuts across everything we do within Environmental Protection, so how will we contribute to the vision?

By continuing to;

  • Seek opportunities to work with businesses, neighbouring authorities, voluntary organisations and external agencies to protect the public and our local environment
  • Reducing the regulatory burden on business by targeting enforcement interventions proportional to risk and reducing interventions where there is diligent compliance with statutory obligations
  • Respond to complaints about commercial premises where we have enforcement responsibilities
  • Deal with nuisance from noise, smoke, dust, odours etc
  • Enforce against dog fouling
  • Provide pest control advice
  • Look after animal welfare in the District
  • Issue licenses and approvals
  • Control contaminated land
  • Monitor and control local air pollution

We are committed to the evolution and improvement of the Service. We are constantly exploring new ways of working by looking at the innovations and lessons learned by Beacon Services in excellent performing authorities.

Please visit Torridge District Councils Environmental Protection pages HERE.