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Fiware4Water – smart meters

Fiware4Water is a project which aims to implement innovative approaches that empower customers towards water efficiency, through the use of smart meters.  In the UK, the University of Exeter is partnering with South West Water (SWW) and the UN World Water Quality Alliance (UNWWQA).

Great Torrington has been chosen to pilot new smart meter technology as part of this project. Customers in this region will be given access to a smart phone application displaying their water consumption. They will be able to see how much they are paying for water, compare their consumption against others, set consumption targets and receive leak alarm notifications. SWW will use the data from these smart meters to locate and respond faster to household leaks in the area and derive relationships between consumption and the weather (e.g. rainfall) via an internally accessed web application. Research has shown that metered customers use significantly less water than customers who are not metered. The project team expects that increased visibility of water use behaviour will drive an even larger reduction in a customer’s water consumption. The benefits of which will be realised by SWW with a lower overall demand on resources and treatment requirements, and by the customer with a lower annual water bill.

The Project Team will be announcing details soon of a launch event at which SWW customers in Great Torrington will be invited to take part.  For more information, please follow this link to the Fiware4Water website:

Local Applications for Grant Aid

Great Torrington Town Council administers the Commons Allotment Charity.  Each year the charity allocates its small amount of funds to locally based community groups.  In addition, there are a number of Precept Grants awarded every year. Applications for either/both grant types during the year 2021/2022 are now open and the application form can be obtained by clicking the link below or in paper format from the Council office.  Please contact Charlotte Kirby, Assistant Town Clerk on 01805 626135 between 9am and 1pm Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday or email her on for more information.

Please ensure completed applications are submitted no later than 12 noon on Thursday 10th September 2020

Mayor’s Chosen Charities 2020/21 – Cllr Miss Keeley Allin

I cannot believe I am beginning my second term as Mayor of Great Torrington; thank you all for your support over the last 12 months. It’s been incredible serving our wonderful town and I’m looking forward continuing to do so. This next year will be different, but I know as a community we will embrace the challenges and come out stronger.

I have been very proud to raise funds for the Torrington Police Amateur Boxing Club and the 1st Torrington Scout Group, and it was lovely to see you supporting these local groups through various fundraising events. I am very pleased to say that we have raised a total of £4500.00; money which will be divided equally and I know, gratefully received to by both groups and will hopefully serve to help them continue their fantastic work. (Please note this sum does not include sponsorship for my postponed sky dive. Once I have done this, these funds will be divided and sent separately to these groups).

At this point I choose two new charities to support over the next 12 months, and it hasn’t been an easy decision. Will suggested that I look back over the last year at who has made a real impact, so my first charity is the Torrington Silver Band. They were all very welcoming at the events I’ve been invited to, they are the beating heart of the town, and I look forward to supporting them in any way I can over the coming year.

My second charity is the Friends of Great Torrington Library. Being a keen reader myself, I know how vital this service is to a broad range of individuals in our community. As well as being able to access a wide range of resources, the library offers events and support for all ages. I fondly remember doing the book tracker program as a child and would love to see more people taking an interest in reading.

Mayor’s Charity Sky Dive

I am actually completely speechless and cannot describe how incredible it felt jumping out of a plane at 15000ft! The free-fall was probably the most intense thing I have ever experienced, traveling at up to 120mph, but one of the best feelings ever.I then had around 5 minutes of floating back to to earth taking in all the views – I can’t thank my instructor enough for making that experience so amazing, doing spins and generally keeping me calm and making the whole experience less nerve wracking (If anyone is ever thinking of doing a skydive, I cannot recommend the team enough, put at ease straight from the start!) I’m genuinely sad that it is now over but can’t thank everyone enough for supporting me and sponsoring me – I will update a final total soon.Lastly, thank you to my family and friends that came along with me today, for waiting all morning for the cloud to clear and then being there to see me safely to the ground – especially little Reggie, who was just great all day!All monies raised for my skydive will be going to my 2019/2020 charities, The Torrington Police Amateur Boxing Club and The First Torrington Scouts 🙂

Mayor’s August/September Crier article

I hope by the time this article reaches you all, you are all keeping well and enjoying the eased restrictions whilst continuing to adhere to updated government guidelines. I for one am enjoying seeing our local shops back open and trading and look forward to continuing my ‘Mayors Challenge’.

Whilst official duties for me remain quiet, I am now back to work and enjoying that little sense of normality again. I have however taken this opportunity to use Zoom to speak to two Rotary clubs (Winchester and Taunton Vale) about my journey to becoming Mayor and how proud I am of my great town. It was great to talk about my journey and met lots of new people, that, without virtual technology, would have been a lot harder to organise. Whilst I am missing face to face meetings, there does seem to be a sense of convenience to online meetings!

Saturday 4th July saw the biggest change in restrictions so far and it was good to see the town busy and people shopping local while adhering to social distancing. I have been mindful not to push the Mayor’s Challenge so much during lock down, but I feel now is the time to pick this up again and encourage all residents of Great Torrington to venture into town at least once a week and support our local traders. They have all worked extremely hard to make shopping safe and welcoming and I know they will all appreciate your support. Please feel free to share your purchases with me, it’s great to see what you are all able to find in Great Torrington.

I would like to give a shout out to Maya and Megan’s World of Sweetness – two young entrepreneurs who have recently set up their own business selling candy floss and other sweet treats! They set up outside our town hall on the 4th of July and had a very successful day. I really do wish them both all the success for their future and their candy floss is just delicious!

At the Town Council we are getting used to holding our meetings online, although it was very strange to chair a Full Council meeting whilst sitting on my sofa!  As you can see from the Town Council news, we have remained very busy and are working closely with Torridge District and Devon County Councils.

By the time this reaches you all, weather permitting I’ll have finally completed my charity tandem skydive. Writing this, and with two weeks left to go, feeling very apprehensive is a bit of an understatement” However, I am also excited and, like I have heard many others say, that once I’m out of the plane, I’m sure I will love it!

Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you need anything at all and I hope you all enjoy August and September and I’ll be back to update you all in the October edition.

Keeley Allin – Mayor of Great Torrington

The Howe Plate Award 2020

This year the Town Council has awarded the Howe Plate to Pauline Baker in recognition of all that she has done and continues to do supporting the May Fair and Carnival Committee. Upon being advised of the award Pauline said that she was pleased to accept this award and stressed that thanks must go to all her colleagues on the Mayfair & Carnival Committee, past and present, for their hard work and commitment throughout the year to ensure the Mayfair celebrations and the Carnival are such an amazing success.    

Organisation List 2020/21

OrganisationRepresentative for 2020/2021
Area Advisory GroupCllrs Cottle-Hunkin, Davey and Smith
Building Preservation Trust (Town Hall)Cllrs Brown, Mills and Rose
CavaliersCllr Bright
Chamber of TradeCllrs Bright and Cox
Citizen AdviceCllr Davey
Children’s groupsCllrs Cooper, Cottle-Hunkin and Strode
ChurchesCllrs Cox and Mills
Community Development TrustCllrs Ford and Rose
ConservatorsCllrs Insull, Maisey and Strode
CrierCllrs Clayton and Rose
Deepmoor LiaisonCllr Mills
Denys Yonge TrustCllr Strode
Devon Association of Parish CouncilsCllr Mills
Devon County CouncilCllr Saywell
Fair TradeCllr Davey
FoodbankCllrs Brown, Clayton and Cox
Futures GroupCllrs Bright and Maisey
Heritage GroupsCllrs Cottle-Hunkin, Cox, Davey, Mills and Rose
Leisure and RecreationCllr Brown
Mayfair CommitteeAll Members automatically become Members of the Mayfair Committee
Men’s ShedsCllr Davey
Plough/BandCllr Cooper and Maisey
Police LiaisonCllr Mills
RotaryCllrs Allin and Mills
SchoolsCllrs Cooper, Cox, Smith and Strode
Sporting GroupsCllrs Cottle-Hunkin, Davey and Rose
Torridge District CouncilCllrs Bright, Brown and Cottle-Hunkin
Torrington & District Care ForumCllrs Brown and Insull
Torrington in BloomCllrs Allin, Brown and Mills
Youth GroupsCllrs Allin, Bright, Cooper, Cottle-Hunkin, and Strode
Lead Members
Economic DevelopmentCllr Davey
EducationCllr Strode
HighwaysCllr Bright
HousingCllr Mills
NHS/Health and WellbeingCllrs Brown, Davey and Insull
PlanningCllr Brown
Uniformed Emergency ServicesCllr Mills
Social MediaCllr Allin