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Committee Functions



  1. Responds to all planning consultations from The District Council and County Council.
  2. Responds to planning policy documents.
  3. Responsible for overseeing Parish Plan.

Policy and Finance

  1. Is responsible for managing the Council’s finances.
  2. Recommending the annual budget and the precept to Torridge District Council.
  3. All monies raised by precept for the Council’s day to day expenses are collected by the District Council from the Council tax payers of the parish of Great Torrington  i.e. what you spend comes from within the parish – there is no government grant towards it.
  4. Matters of a policy issue rather than a technical day to day management issue are considered by committee.  So if the Council considers whether to maintain monuments and memorials it will be considered first by Policy.  If agreed the day to day management will transfer to the Environment Committee.
  5. Allocation of annual grants.

Environment Committee

This committee deals with the majority of the Council’s day to day business.

Such matters as

  1. Donnacroft sports facilities
  2. Parish Paths maintenance
  3. Liaison with Highway Authority
  4. Christmas lights/trees
  5. Daily liaison with District re: the condition of parish, e.g. litter, refuse
  6. Snow Warden.

The committee also manages the day to day affairs of the Council Charity, The Common Allotments Charity.  Each Member of Council is a trustee of the Charity.   The Charity owns land at Weare Trees which it lets for agricultural purposes, and a good number of allotments.  The money raised is  then distributed in the form of annual grants to local organisations.