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The Crowning of the Carnival Queen 2022

Following the practice of the May Queen procession and Maypole dancing on Wednesday 4th May 2022 the Carnival Queen Phoebe Young paraded through the town Square alongside her attendants Lily-Mai Rogers and Brooke Copp giving us the first glimpse of their beautiful dresses. Phoebe was then crowned by the Mayor’s granddaughter and consort Mezli Smith, this marked a wonderful start to the Mayfair celebrations.

The Crowning of the May Queen 2022

The return to May Fair was a sight to behold – having had a two year gap due to Covid spectators were out in force on Thursday 5th May 2022 to welcome back Great Torrington’s May celebrations. The weather was perfect with sunshine and warm weather and smiles could be seen wherever you looked in the town.

Great Torrington’s May Queen 2022 Cadie Hewitt can be seen in the photos below with her entourage: Lola Stevens as Crowner, Quinlan Dymond and Regan Beer as Heralds, Jessica Braund, Bella North, Dynasty Harris, Alanna Clifton, Honey Huxtable, Molly-Mae Coysh, Lola North and Isabelle Vennall as Attendants and Alex Williams as Standard Bearer – didn’t they all looked amazing. The crowds cheered and clapped as they paraded through the town square to the throne under the top Maypole where Cadie was crowned in front of a record crowd.

Well done to all of the children who took part during the day be it singing in the United Open Air Service, taking part in the English Country Dancing or the Floral Dance or dancing the Maypole – they all did an amazing job.

Thank you also to everyone involved in making the day happen, so many people work extremely hard throughout the year to make it all come together and without them it wouldn’t have been the amazing day that it was. Many thanks also to John Insull for the fabulous photos.

May Queen & Entourage 2022

We are very much looking forward to a return to May Fair this year after having had two years without due to Covid. 

This years May Queen & Entourage are:

May Queen: Cadie Hewitt

Crowner: Lola Stevens

Heralds: Quinlan Dymond & Regan Beer

Standard Bearer: Alex Williams

Attendants:  Jessica Braund, Bella North, Dynasty Harris, Alanna Clifton, Honey Huxtable, Molly-Mae Coysh, Lola North & Isabelle Vennall

Carnival Queen & Attendants 2022

Congratulations to this years Carnival Queen Phoebe Young and her attendants Lily-Mai Rogers and Brooke Copp who were selected and announced on Tuesday 15th February 2022.

We are looking forward to the crowning of Phoebe together with Lily-Mai and Brooke during a special ceremony after the Mayfair practices on the evening of Wednesday 4th May.  They will also take part in the festivities on May Fair Day on Thursday 5th May and of course they can be seen on their Carnival Float on Saturday 7th May 2022.

May Fair & Carnival Committee Members 2022

Mr D. Smith (Chair), Miss K. Allin (Vice Chair), Miss N. Batty (Secretary), Ms T. Oversby (Treasurer), Mrs A. Ayre, Miss R. Ayre, Mrs J. Baker, Mrs P. Baker, Mrs J. Batty, Mrs A. Bright, Mr C. Bright, Mrs G. Clayton, Mrs S. Fisher, Mrs C. Gibbons, Mrs A. Harper, Mrs G. King, Mrs A. Magarotto, Ms S. Mills, Mrs T. Popham, Mr J. Rose, Ms L. Ward, Mr P. Watson.

May Fair Proclamation & Procession 2022

Many visiting dignitaries and invited guests attended the Proclamation of the Fair at the Town Hall on May Fair Day which this year fell on Thursday 5th May. During the Proclamation a number of guests made speeches about celebrating Great Torrington and it’s Fair and to thank our visitors for joining us on this special day. Fairings were also offered during the speeches which represent titbits originally offered to entice people at the Fair.  The beautiful flowers were kindly provided once again by Elaine Weeks & Ann Ayre.       

Following the Proclamation ceremony the guests formed a procession to parade around the town during which the Town Clerk read the Proclamation statement to call people to the Fair, when they arrived back in the town square they retired to the bandstand to watch the Crowning of the May Queen.

It was an absolute joy to celebrate Mayfair Day again in the manner that only Great Torrington can and to see the crowds enjoying the festivities and glorious weather.

May Queen & Entourage 2019

May Fair Day – Thursday May 2nd 2019 – written by Cllr Di Davey

Mayfair Day is here and the Town Square is full of music and excitement with everyone waiting for the May Queen and her entourage to enter the Square. It all suddenly hushes, and there are gasps as the children come into view. The band begins playing the age old tune for the gentle walk up through the Square. 

The theme this year was the Fairy tale Cinderella, each and everyone a princess or prince. The colours were all soft pastel shades with gold and splash of maroon to contrast. All the materials were recycled including the pumpkin and the glass slipper.

Following the crowning the Maypole dance recommenced, I’ve seen many years of the dancing but this year I was really impressed. Well done everyone who took part in this tradition of Great Torrington.





Frankie Potts is the May Queen with Jemima Mitchell as her Crowner and Billy Williams-Rice and Sidney Hill as Heralds. Attendants are Willow Parkhouse, Libby Childs, Millie Watson, Faye Thorne, Alisha Bradley, Kensi Johnstone, Dotty Scoynes and Martha Heal. Congratulations to all of the children.

Photos kindly provided by Cllr John Insull