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Organisation List 2021/22

OrganisationRepresentative for 2021/2022
Area Advisory GroupCllrs Cottle-Hunkin, Davey and Smith
Building Preservation Trust (Town Hall)Cllrs Mills
CavaliersCllr Bright
Chamber of TradeCllrs Bright and Cox
Citizen AdviceCllr Davey
Children’s groupsCllrs Ward and Cottle-Hunkin
ChurchesCllrs Cox and Mills
Community Development TrustCllrs Ford and Rose
ConservatorsCllr Maisey
CrierCllrs Clayton and Rose
Deepmoor LiaisonCllrs Mills
Denys Yonge Trust
Devon Association of Parish CouncilsCllr Mills
Devon County CouncilCllr Saywell
Fair TradeCllr Davey
FoodbankCllrs Brown, Clayton and Cox
Futures GroupCllrs Bright and Maisey
Heritage GroupsCllrs Cottle-Hunkin, Cox, Davey, Mills and Rose
Leisure and Recreation
Mayfair CommitteeAll Members automatically become Members of the Mayfair Committee
Men’s ShedsCllr Davey
Plough/BandCllrs Ward and Maisey
Police LiaisonCllr Mills
Police & Crime Commissioner AdvocateCllrs Davey and Mills
RotaryCllrs Allin and Mills
SchoolsCllrs Ward, Cox and Smith
Sporting GroupsCllrs Cottle-Hunkin, Davey and Rose
Torridge District CouncilCllrs Bright, Brown and Cottle-Hunkin
Torrington & District Care ForumCllr Brown
Torrington in BloomCllrs Allin, Brown and Mills
Youth GroupsCllrs Allin, Bright, Cottle-Hunkin and Ward
Lead MembersRepresentative for 2021/2022
Economic DevelopmentCllr Davey
EducationCllr Cloke
HighwaysCllr Bright
HousingCllr Mills
NHS/Health and WellbeingCllrs Brown and Davey
PlanningCllr Brown
Uniformed Emergency ServicesCllr Mills
Social MediaCllr Allin