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Organisation List 2023/24

OrganisationRepresentative for 2023/2024
Area Advisory GroupCllr Smith
Building Preservation Trust (Town Hall)Cllrs Mills and Parish
CavaliersCllr Smith
Chamber of TradeCllr C Bright
Citizen AdviceCllr Hewitt
Children’s groupsCllr Cloke
ChurchesCllrs L Bright, Ford and Mills
Community Development TrustCllr Ford
ConservatorsCllr Maisey
CrierCllr L Bright
Deepmoor LiaisonCllr Mills
Denys Yonge Trust
Devon Association of Parish CouncilsCllr Mills
Devon County CouncilCllr Saywell
Fair TradeCllr Callaghan-Martin
FoodbankCllrs Callaghan-Martin and Maisey
Futures GroupCllrs C Bright and Allin
Heritage GroupsCllr Mills
Leisure and Recreation
Mayfair CommitteeAll Members automatically become Members of the Mayfair Committee
Men’s ShedsCllr Parish
Plough/BandCllr Maisey
Police LiaisonCllr Mills
Police & Crime Commissioner AdvocateCllr Mills
SchoolsCllrs L Bright and Smith
Sporting GroupsCllr Parish
Torridge District CouncilCllrs C Bright, L Bright and Smith
Torrington & District Care ForumCllr Cloke
Torrington in BloomCllrs Allin, Brown and Mills
Youth GroupsCllrs Allin, C Bright and Mills
Lead MembersRepresentative for 2023/2024
Economic DevelopmentCllr Parish
EducationCllr Cloke
HighwaysCllr C Bright
HousingCllr Mills
NHS/Health and WellbeingCllrs Brown
PlanningCllr Brown
Uniformed Emergency ServicesCllr Mills
Social MediaCllr Allin