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GTTC’s Notice in relation to questions posed about the Hunt

In response to a number of enquiries regarding the Town Council’s position in relation to the Hunt, Great Torrington Town Council has prepared the below statement. This statement has been prepared in consultation with Devon Association of Local Councils (DALC) and with the National Association of Local Council’s (NALC’s) legal team.

1. The Hunt is a privately organised event of which the Council has no powers to make any decisions about, this means we cannot request it is banned.

2. The Town Council recognises that there are legal frameworks in place for both the nature of a hunt and road closures; any deviation from these frameworks needs to be addressed with the appropriate regulatory bodies, for example, any evidence of illegal activity should be reported to the Police and any concerns regarding road closures to Devon County Council (DCC).

3. The Council would not support ANY activity within the community which knowingly breached any laws.

4. Any evidence or concerns members of the public have in relation to anyone or any activity being in breach of the law must approach the relevant regulatory body and report accordingly.


1. Issues around events on public highways need to be addressed to Devon County Council: Highways telephone number: 0345 155 1004 Highways email address: Cllr Saywell contact details: 07886 446560,

2. Issues around safety, policing and crime need to be addressed to Devon and Cornwall Police Authority – Devon & Cornwall Police telephone number: 101 Devon & Cornwall Police online reporting:

3. Issues around Street Collection Licenses need to be directed to Torridge District Council: Licensing team telephone number: 01237 428700 Licensing team email address: