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Working Groups

Marketing Working Group

The Town Council, along with representatives from a wide variety of community groups, has established a Marketing Working Group with the aim of promoting and marketing the many assets Great Torrington has to both local residents and visitors.  The group is working together to encourage footfall in the town centre and to promote enjoyment of the various historical, cultural, sporting, leisure and environmental experiences offered in our town throughout the year.

The working group held it’s first meeting in September and members are already working on a number of projects including updating maps of the town centre, developing a new history trail, improving information about Great Torrington’s attractions across a number of websites, for example  and and establishing a new Treasure Trail for Great Torrington.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any ideas as to how we can promote the great things our town has to offer and keep an eye out in future editions of The Crier for updates on how we are progressing.

Environment Working Group – Quick Wins

The Environment Working Group established and the Environment Committee has adopted  the following 7 “Quick Wins”.

  1. REPAIR, REUSE, RECYCLE: have things repaired if possible, try Men’s Shed, buy from Charity Shops/Second-hand. If it has to go: recycle it.
  1. If you have to buy it new, and for everyday items and food, when you can, SHOP LOCAL from Independent shops, and if you can, avoid single-use plastics.
  1. REDUCE FOOD WASTE – Torridge has 200 tons of food waste a month. Don’t over-buy/love your freezer/compost what you can.
  1. SAVE WATER: 4-minute shower challenge/turn the tap off when brushing your teeth/get a water butt for the garden. See for tips and free water-saving devices.
  1. SAVE ELECTRICITY: insulate your home/switch to LED light bulbs/turn off at the switch/only boil the water you need/switch to a renewable electricity company for your power/ Contact to see if you qualify for a free energy-saving consultation, they can also help you to switch to a cheaper/ more environment friendly tariff.
  1. FLY LESS: car share/use public transport/when (and if) you can walk!
  1. LET YOUR GARDEN GO WILD: stop mowing/let the wild flowers grow/stop using weed killer and other chemicals and welcome the insects.

Working Groups

Following the difficult months throughout the Spring and Summer the Town Council is cautiously reinstating a meeting between members of the Transport and Environment Working Group (to be held on Wednesday 16th September 2020). These meetings will be held remotely via Zoom.

The Town Council will also hold its first meeting of a Marketing Working Group on the 30th September.  This Working Group will consider ways to promote various aspects of Great Torrington covering the heritage, cultural, environmental, the large number of independent shops as well as sport and leisure opportunities.  This will be a large project covering a number of specialised areas.  If anyone would like to be involved in any of this work, which also includes a general need for marketing skills please contact the Town Council.