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Environmental Matters


Great Torrington Town Council is committed to a number of environmental issues within the community including the ever increasing need to address climate change. We will be keeping the community informed and up-to-date with regards to Town Council activity via a number of channels, one being this website page.  The Town Council is committed to doing everything we can to ensure that what we do is environmentally friendly and helps secure a better environment for future generations.

Environmental Motion – agreed by Council on 4th April 2019

This Council believes:

That we in Great Torrington acknowledge the Climate Change Emergency and aim to support efforts and work with relevant bodies to make Torridge District zero net carbon by 2030.

All governments (national, regional and local) have a duty to limit the negative impacts of Climate Breakdown, and local governments that recognise this should not wait for their national governments to change their policies.  It is important for the residents of Great Torrington, Torridge District and the UK that council areas commit to carbon neutrality as quickly as possible.  We would be joining an increasing group of councils across the UK (Bideford Town Council and Bristol City Council to name two).

By passing this motion, we will not only heighten awareness of the severity of this situation but with future financial commitments and decisions generally aim to help further reduce carbon emissions.