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Council Grants

Local Funding Pot for non-profit making small community groups

Most, if not all local non-profit making small voluntary community groups in Great Torrington have stopped meeting due to Covid 19 restrictions and as a result of this the Town Council recognises that they may receive no weekly income. Some of these groups will remain in a “mothballed state” so to speak and it is likely that a lack of income will be offset by much reduced spending over this time of isolation. However, there may be some of these small groups who have ongoing fixed overheads, such as insurance, website fees etc. that still need to be paid. Additionally, if such groups do not have a large enough financial buffer to meet these fixed costs it could result in financial pressures resulting in, worst case scenario, a group disbanding. The Town Council is keen to help such groups with these relatively small, but necessary costs when there are inadequate reserves to help and has therefore set aside a small pot of money for such situations.

If you are currently responsible for running a local community non-profit making group/club in Great Torrington and find that you are struggling with financing ongoing fixed costs you may be eligible for some assistance via this fund. We must emphasise that the pot is a relatively small sum, to assist with relatively small ongoing costs where reserves are not available If you wish to apply for funding; please phone or e-mail the Town Council for an application form and/or visit our website and download an application form. The application process has been extended into the autumn. We hope to ensure payments are made within a couple of weeks of this date. This funding stream does NOT replace the annual Precept and Commons Allotment grant schemes administered by the Town Council. Applications will be given an opportunity to apply for this funding in August/September.

Contact details: Phone 01805 626135 (Tues, Wed and Thur), or email for more information or download the application form via the link below:-