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New Member Joins Great Torrington Town Council

At our first meeting of 2024 members welcomed Councillor Jason Isaac to Great Torrington Town Council. Jason has been working on the Regeneration Strategy for Great Torrington since September 2023, and has been a key local representative. He then applied for a Co-opted seat on the Council in December. Members voted unanimously in favour and were keen to welcome Jason with his broad local knowledge and experience.

Councillor Isaac said “As someone who both lives and works in Great Torrington, I am deeply invested in our town’s success. I’m driven by a strong desire to ensure Torrington doesn’t lag behind neighbouring towns but prospers equally.

My focus includes fostering economic growth, attracting businesses, promoting tourism, and safeguarding our unique natural environment and historic character. Together with fellow councillors and the Mayor, I am dedicated to advancing Great Torrington’s interests and ensuring our town flourishes alongside our neighbours.”

There are still two vacancies on the town council so if you are interested in becoming a councillor, please contact us on 01805 626135 or to find out more.