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Not-so Good News

Sadly, there have been some disappointing incidents over the past couple of months, which have caused damaged to council property, and cost a considerable amount of money in work hours for your council.

Firstly, there was an incident of criminal damage in the skate park, where obscene drawings and writing were drawn all over the ramps in permanent pen. This incident required our technicians to spend several hours attempting to clean off the most offensive words and images, which included having to sand down the boards to remove the damage. Although some people may feel this is part & parcel of a skate park environment, it should be made clear that this was reported to the police as a criminal offence; this wasn’t artwork by any stretch of the imagination. This incident occurred in an area designed to be accessed by children, it involved obscene images and offensive language where individuals within the community were named. The estimated cost of dealing with the incident so far is approximately £400.  If anyone has any information about this incident do contact us or Great Torrington School and we can pass it on to the police.

Secondly, over the past few months we have found several small pieces of the Grade II Listed fountain in the town square broken off and scattered in various places. This historic fountain is very fragile; it isn’t suitable for climbing on, or for standing or sitting in the flower beds. Any damage caused is expensive given the specialist skills required for the repair work. As well as the damage caused to the fountain, there is potential for injury if any attempt is made to climb/sit or stand on any parts of the fountain.

As ever, it is the few creating problems for the many, as we are very aware that the majority of people in Great Torrington of all ages behave in a respectful way towards each other and towards their environment.  We should all have pride in the lovely town we live in and be glad that these incidents are the exception and not the norm.

N.B. Photos taken prior to the incidents taking place.