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Mayfair & Carnival Committee Members 2023

D. Smith (Chair), K. Allin (Vice Chair), N. Batty (Secretary), T. Oversby (Treasurer), T.  Alexander, J. Andrew, A. Ayre, R. Ayre, J. Baker, P. Baker, J. Batty, S. Blake, S. Boundy, O. Boundy, A. Bright, C. Bright, B. Callaghan-Martin, M. Callaghan-Martin, N. Casey, G. Clayton, P.Cloke, C.Cottle-Hunkin, T. Found, B. Garland, C. Gibbons, G. King, A. Magarotto, S. Mills, D. Parish, J. Rose, H. Rowe, D. Stacey, L. Ward, P. Watson.