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Highways information during severe weather


We are currently dealing with a very high number of pothole reports due to the cold and wet weather. Approximately a third of the reports we are receiving are duplicates and are already waiting to be assessed or repaired.

On our Report a Problem page you can:

  • report potholes for assessment
  • provide an email address to receive automatic updates
  • see where potholes have already been reported 
  • see where we have asked our contractor to carry out repairs

Where a report already exists you do not need to create a new report to receive updates. Select the report (as shown in the example on the right) and click ‘Add me to this pothole’.
Your help in reducing the number of duplicate reports we receive will enable our inspection team to work as efficiently as possible during these challenging conditions.

If you report a pothole and we don’t repair it straight away this could be because:

  • the pothole was inspected and is not deemed to be a safety defect
  • there is a problem with the surface of the road which needs to be investigated as a repair will not solve the underlying problem
  • traffic management is needed to carry out repairs safely

Flooding and drainage

If it’s an emergency and there is danger to life as a result of flooding call 999. The number one cause of death during flooding is driving through flood water so please prioritise your safety.  

If a river is flooding contact the Environment Agency on 0345 988 1188. The Environment Agency also has a range of information about flood warnings and precautions.

Internal property flooding can be reported on our webpage.

Standing water or running water

On our Report a Problem page you can report standing water, flooding and blocked drains.

Standing/running water will not be investigated during prolonged heavy rain. Please ensure that you have checked that an issue is still present 24 hours after the rain has stopped before reporting it.

Where water is still present 24 hours after the rain has stopped we will attempt to clear it if:

  • the road is impassable
  • the water is forcing vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians away from the nearside of the road by more than one metre
  • vehicles have to cross the centreline marking
  • there is a risk of aquaplaning where the speed limit of the road is 40mph or above, and vehicles could reasonably be expected to travel at that speed

If we are unable to clear the water, we will use a flood sign or guard the area or close the road to make the location safe and then investigate a permanent solution. 

Useful links

Our Report a Problem page can also be used to report storm damage such as hazardous or fallen trees and debris. 

The MetOffice provides excellent guidance to people travelling in poor weather which you may like to share with your communities.