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Conservation Communities: A Parish Based Project; Jubilee Meadow

On the 11th June a Conservation Community Project led by Devon Wildlife Trust (DWT) in conjunction with Devon Biodiversity Records Centre (DBRC) took place at Jubilee Meadow. The aim was to record as much as possible about the local environment as well as develop people’s skills in wildlife identification in a meadow setting.

The project has been running for just over a year and has have achieved a great deal to date, with volunteers across local parishes carrying out hedgerow surveys so that the condition of the hedges in the region can be assessed.  Last year over 50 engagement events took place, attracting 1700 attendees and Jubilee Wood was included as part of the suite of 2022 events.

By the end of the project, December 2022, the hope is to have gathered enough wildlife data so that DBRC can update each Parish Biodiversity Audit (last written around 2013). 

Activity on the 11th June was very successful with 146 records made including some “unknowns” and has been described by the DWT as a “very good haul” and “probably the best found yet!”

It’s great to have this indication of the richness of wildlife on our doorsteps and hope this will only continue to grow. We would like to thank all those members of the public who took part on this project along with the DWT and DBRC.