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Mayors June Crier Article

Well, where do I start?

The Motorbikes Rally to Land’s End came through Taddiport in the early hours, and though I heard them, I couldn’t get up quickly enough to wish them well!

I was pleased to be involved with Tarka Valley Railway when they opened their new shop and visitor centre on a lovely sunny morning as well as being involved in the start of the next phase of their project.

Torrington Water forum has been running for some time now, and I was honoured to be invited to attend a UN sponsored seminar in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was a privilege to represent our lovely town and presented to a group of local Water specialists, who were fascinated by the pilot scheme which we are running here in our town.

The May fair Committee was delighted to welcome a new group of volunteers to our April meeting, who were keen to assist us in various aspects of the day. They quickly fitted in, and we were very grateful to have their help on the day.

As we approached May Fair, I was very pleased to be joined by Cllr Keeley Allin and Jeanette Baker to judge the May Fair Window Dressing Competition within the town.  Tanya’s Studio was a worthy winner, with the Town Hall’s Knit and Natter Group coming second, Hogwash Shop third and the Bickford Centre being Highly Commended!  Well done to all shops and businesses who took part and brightened up our town centre with bright and fun window displays.

Continuing with the May Fair theme; Alan and Michelle Jenkins who run the Fun Fair kindly asked me to officially open the event.  They generously donated to both the Mayfair and Carnival Committee, as well as to my Mayor’s Charities fund, for which I extend my very grateful thanks.  I did visit the open fair, and came away clutching a big cuddly toy, but suspect the rules were eased a little in my favour??  Come to my next charity fundraiser, and the toy could be yours!

On the same evening, the May Fair rehearsal was a resounding success, and heralded the start of the festivities.

The melodic tunes played by our Silver Band brought back memories and shivers of anticipation to those crowded into the square to watch the May Queen and her entourage go through their paces.

The Crowning of the Carnival Queen, Phoebe Young  took place afterwards, and I was delighted to have my Granddaughter Mezli as my Consort to do the honours.

The much anticipated and long-awaited Mayfair dawned bright.  The two dark years seemed to fade into insignificance. As we basked in the Spring sun we were treated to superb singing, dynamic dancing, and perfect parading from the children of the Bluecoat’s School. They were all utterly amazing!

A number of local Mayors were invited and as always were bubbling with enthusiasm at our unique and amazing spectacle.  The day was a huge success, with excited crowds packing the square for the festivities.

In the evening, the Torridge Cup Football match at Vicarage Road saw Holsworthy triumph over Barnstaple in the final. Holsworthy’s Mayor, Cllr Helen Parker and her Consort Ian, were there to present the prizes and Cup and it was a great end to a very exhausting day.  My thanks go to Cllr Dave Parish and the club for their hospitality

All the runners in the “Round the Tree Race” deserved the applause they received, not only in the square at the start and finish, but right round the course. My sympathy went out to the horse in particular!

CARNIVAL was an absolute winner. The Weather couldn’t have been better, and the entrant piled in. The atmosphere in the square was electric as the parade wound its way past us.  All the comments I could hear in the crowd were so positive, and it was with a sigh of relief that we staggered off after the event knowing that we were back again with a vengeance.

On Sunday the committee counted over £2000 worth of coins kindly put in our collection buckets, so despite all the financial hardship we are all facing, Great Torrington showed their appreciation as ever!   Thank you. A massive thank you to the May Fair and Carnival Committee, the Bluecoat School and all of the local groups, and individuals who helped with arrangements and/or took part in the celebrations; and also, thank you to the community for coming together and supporting the events and showing it is very true that, “us be plaised to zee ‘ee” at May Fair!