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Torridge District Council’s response to GTTC’s question in relation to action to be taken by anyone wishing to offer accommodation for refugees arriving from the Ukraine

“Each district Council is keeping a record of offers so you can direct people to email us on Please also note below:-

The current news is moving many people like yourself to ask what they can do and we really appreciate you getting in touch. 

While the situation is obviously changing daily, at the moment the UK government is prioritising Ukrainians who have relatives already living in the UK.  If those people are able to travel here, they will obviously want to be close to their family members.  The government and county councils are working to find out where Ukrainians are already living in Devon and what accommodation may be needed for any family members who are able to join them here.   At the moment there is no immediate way to match your offer to any Ukrainians who may be travelling to the UK.  The District Councils are asking people to await further announcements from central government before coming forward with offers of accommodation.

Thank you again for getting in touch”