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Mayor of Okehampton’s Civic Dinner

I joined the The Lord Mayor of Plymouth along with the Mayors of Barnstaple, Northam, Holsworthy amongst others at the Mayor of Okehampton’s civic dinner last Friday. It was refreshing to be back once more in the kind of company to which we were so used before the lockdowns.

The lack of masks was noticeable at Okehampton as was the relaxation of social distancing, although we are still very conscious of not ignoring Covid, normality seems to be returning slowly at last.

The evening was wonderful, with superb catering (as is always the case there), a magician entertained us, and even managed to magic a £10 note from the Mayors of Barnstaple’s wallet!

A grand evening was enjoyed by all and we send our thanks to Cllr Bob and Mrs Gillian Tolley for their hospitality.