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Working Together for Community

The Town Council is pleased to announce that as part of a collaborative project we have been able to continue the lease of three existing defibrillators; namely the one at the Museum, Methodist Church and Old Bowling Green, for a further 4 years. In addition to these three, we have also managed to secure reinstatement of the machine on the Fire Station and installation of a new additional machine near the Tarka Trail, at Torrington Cycle Hire.

This whole exercise has been a fantastic opportunity to work collaboratively across the community. 

The Town Council, Cavaliers, Great Torrington Town and Lands, district councillors, Cllr Bright, Cllr Brown and Cllr Cottle-Hunkin along with our county councillor, Cllr Saywell have contributed to the funding needed for the extension of the lease of three defibrillators.  In addition, Devon, Somerset Fire and Rescue Service sponsored the re-instatement of the defibrillator on the wall of the Fire Station and Rotary Torrington sponsored the installation of a new defibrillator by the Tarka Trail at Torrington Cycle Hire.

We are currently in the process of liaising with South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust to arrange a joint training session hosted by the Methodist Church, in relation to use of a defibrillator as well as how to do CPR. 

It’s been a wonderful example of community working together to ensure ongoing availability and provision of these potentially life-saving devices.