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Mayor’s Cadet 2021

The presentation of the new Mayor’s Cadet was held on 20th July 2021 at Torrington Cadet Hut which the Mayor was delighted to attend. Cadet SJT Jack Pledger-Sussex was selected as this years Mayor’s Cadet by the Torrington Army Cadet Force who said:

“Great Torrington Army Cadet Force is very proud of SJT Pledger-Sussex, he has a lot of good qualities as a cadet as well as a member of Great Torrington community. Becoming Mayor’s Cadet has always been a huge ambition for Jack and he has worked hard to achieve this high honour within the cadet force. Within the ACF becoming Mayor’s Cadet is what every cadet hopes to achieve but only a few accomplish, being Mayor’s Cadet is an important job serving the community along with the Mayor, it gives that cadet a real sense of pride and self esteem.

SJT Pledger-Sussex is a cadet who already has a lot of good qualities, he is always very well turned out and takes pride in the way he looks and is always willing to help other cadets as well as the community in general, Jack is on his way to becoming Great Torrington’s first Staff cadet which has never been achieved before within Great Torrington detachment and only a few cadets have ever made within Devon ACF, with an ambition to become a ACF adult instructor within the next few years.

At Great Torrington detachment we are all very proud of Jack and what he has achieved within the Devon Army Cadet Force as well as at detachment level, we are very honoured that he is part of our detachment and feel that he has a great future laying in front of him both within the ACF and his working life, not only has Jack set new records within the Devon ACF, we are certain he will also do the same in life”.

Several members of Jack’s family have already served with Great Torrington Army Cadets including his Mum and two Uncles both of which also served as Mayor’s Cadet (one of which being the first ever in Great Torrington), Jack is now proudly continuing this tradition within his family. Many congratulation SJT Jack Pledger-Sussex, the Mayor looks forward to working alongside you at a number of events throughout the coming year.