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Mayor’s visit to the Youth Genesis events 23rd & 24th July 2021

I was invited to visit the Youth Genesis group on Friday at the Calf Street Skate Park where the group were involved not only with skating, but also with Graffiti painting.  I was most interested to find out how responsible they were in not over painting other peoples’ work, and the respect they showed to the venue was brilliant.  It really opened my eyes to this whole trend.

Saturday was my first time back in the Plough for ages, this was a very different experience.  This time the youngsters were more focussed on the Skate and Scooter boarding, which was truly inspirational to watch.  They were astonishingly talented and were having so much fun. My great fear was that I might be asked to demonstrate my own skating skills on the floor, but I managed to creep away in the nick of time, thanks to my ever mindful Beadle, Andy.