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Out and about

The Town Council’s Technicians have been busy over the past few months, undertaking a variety of tasks.  You may have noticed that the bollards (all 61 of them) have been re-painted and are looking great for the summer season.  Other work undertaken includes hand weeding, grass cutting, moss clearing, maintenance of street furniture, hedge-cutting, washing the railings at Rack Park and even stone walling along the boundary of the allotments as per photo.

We have also spent some time, along with other agents and group members clearing and keeping Caddywell Lane tidy, which has also been complimented with a new litter bin at the Bluecoat School end.

We have looked at the conditions of our bus shelters and are setting out a plan for maintenance, re-painting and eventual replacement over the next year and beyond.

As we go forward into the summer, the Council will continue the work started last year on specific areas of grassland, leaving the grass to grow as part of a longer-term meadow approach.  We sowed yellow rattle seed last autumn to help break down the grass ready for wild flower sowing at the end of this season. We will position appropriate signage in these areas.

We will also be planting the planters at the town entry signs and maintaining these during the summer months.

Members of the environment committee recently agreed to arrange for bulbs to be planted at entrances to the town by Donnacroft and Woodland Vale, this autumn, ready for next Spring.