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Commons Allotment Charity Grants and Precept Grants 2021/2022 Budget

The Town Council has allocated its Commons Allotment Grant Funding (£4,811.80) as well as Precept Grant Funding (£26,000.00) for 2021/22. A full list can be viewed on the Town Council’s website.

As per last year, Members decided to keep a small pot of reserve grant funding to be made available during the period 01st April 2021 – 31st March 2022 for adhoc urgent requests for funding.

At the January Town Council Meeting Members agreed a budget for 2021/22.  The precept arrangements reflect an increase of 1.93% on the Town Council element of your council tax bill in respect of 1st April 2021 – 31st March 2022.

This year has been a challenge as the tax base (total number of band D equivalents) has reduced compared to 2020/2021. 

The Tax Base is calculated by considering a number of factors, but the main reason for this reduction is because Torridge District Council (TDC) anticipates a considerable reduction in collection of council tax due to continued Covid19 issues in 2021/22, compared to the budgeted council tax to be collected for 2020/21.

Essentially Torridge Council is anticipating less council tax to be collected in 2021/22 because of increased claims for local council tax support and the difficulties of some residents making payment arising from having reduced income (furlough etc).

If we had asked TDC for the same amount of funding as we did for last year, there would still have been an increase of 1.78% due to the decline in the tax base.

The increase of 1.93% equates to an increase of £1.60 per annum for a Band A property and £1.87 per annum for a Band B property compared to last year. (Town Council element of increase only). Full details of increases for all Bands will be available on the Council’s website in due course.

Karen Chapman (Town Clerk)