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Environment Working Group – Quick Wins

The Environment Working Group established and the Environment Committee has adopted  the following 7 “Quick Wins”.

  1. REPAIR, REUSE, RECYCLE: have things repaired if possible, try Men’s Shed, buy from Charity Shops/Second-hand. If it has to go: recycle it.
  1. If you have to buy it new, and for everyday items and food, when you can, SHOP LOCAL from Independent shops, and if you can, avoid single-use plastics.
  1. REDUCE FOOD WASTE – Torridge has 200 tons of food waste a month. Don’t over-buy/love your freezer/compost what you can.
  1. SAVE WATER: 4-minute shower challenge/turn the tap off when brushing your teeth/get a water butt for the garden. See for tips and free water-saving devices.
  1. SAVE ELECTRICITY: insulate your home/switch to LED light bulbs/turn off at the switch/only boil the water you need/switch to a renewable electricity company for your power/ Contact to see if you qualify for a free energy-saving consultation, they can also help you to switch to a cheaper/ more environment friendly tariff.
  1. FLY LESS: car share/use public transport/when (and if) you can walk!
  1. LET YOUR GARDEN GO WILD: stop mowing/let the wild flowers grow/stop using weed killer and other chemicals and welcome the insects.