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COVID 19 Update

This notice was prepared on 08 July 2020

Last month we reported on activity taking place prior to the reopening of non-essential retail shops in the Town Centre.  Since then we have had further lifting of restrictions and as we write this, we await to see how it all works out in the long-term.

Following the easing to-date, we have continued to work with Torridge District and Devon County Councils and have extended signage to stencilling the pavements, increased signage and introduced a planter in a parking bay to allow for increased pedestrian access and distancing from people queuing. All of these measures have been undertaken to encourage safe distancing and enhance safety measures, but are open to review and we very much welcome feedback.

On the 1st July a second Zoom meeting was hosted by Torridge District Council to which all retailers were invited.  GTTC’s technician hand delivered notices of this meeting to businesses in the town centre the week prior to the meeting. We continue to work with Torridge District and Devon County Councils on these matters, keeping up to date with the latest Government guidance and taking into consideration feedback on how any adaptations made are working in practice.

In late June we were advised that the District Council would be considering a motion to allow a further two month’s free parking in town centre car parks across the district at a C&R meeting on the 13th July.  Along with raising awareness with local businesses in the town centre the Town Council sent a letter of support to the District Council in respect of this motion.

The GTTC Covid Task Force continues to be in full swing as volunteers continue to shop, deliver shopping and prescriptions and undertake social phone calling. At the present time, we are advised that shielding will no longer be necessary from August; we will keep an eye on the current situation and review arrangements according to current and ongoing government updates.  We are continually thankful to these volunteers who faithfully undertake this work and have done since the end of March when we initially went into lockdown.  They have brilliantly and quietly beavered away in the background meeting needs across the whole community. Another example of what makes this town so “Great”.

If you have any suggestions you would like to share with the Council on how we can continue to make our town safer during the coronavirus outbreak, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone on 01805 626135 or e-mail at  Please note: The Council telephones are manned on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only.