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The Town Council Budget 2017/18

It is time once again for the council to consider what it does, what it intends to do, how much this will cost, and thus its budget for the next 12 months.
Over the past few years the council has taken on the responsibility for more and more work. Individually they may be small but added together they make a good contribution to the community. The council is now responsible inter alia for all the bus shelters, the public seats, some of the play areas, (with another one at Greenbank coming soon),cutting highway grass, weed control in the central part of town, it is purchasing the building that houses the museum, it maintains three football pitches and changing rooms at Donnacroft. This month the council has become responsible for the day to day maintenance of the church yard and shortly will also take on responsibility for Rack Park. It is hoped that this year your neighbourhood plan will be approved by Government and be taken note of when considering planning applications for development. A community wood is gradually being created at the rear of Trafalgar Drive. All of this additional work has meant the employment of two part-time Technical Assistants and associated equipment.
There is no doubt that as a result of your Town Council being responsible for more and more of the fabric of the community, we have all benefitted.
Your council is now looking to review the provision of bus services to determine if there is a need for any improvements, and how they could be achieved. The continuation of transferring assets from the district council to this community will continue.
All of this self-determination has to be paid for. The council’s budget is £141,400 for this financial year. To reflect the increased work load and responsibilities this next year it will be £158,694. For a band D property that will be an increase of less than £1.00 per month.  A local large white loaf is £1.50. The increase equates to the cost of 7 loaves of bread in a year.
Margaret Brown