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Town Crier – Al Mitchell

The Town Crier has an important role in Great Torrington.  He is there to bring order to various celebrations and events.  He announces the Mayor and the Town Clerk and his loud voice is essential when there is a noisy crowd to silence, particularly during the Proclamation of the Mayfair.

Al Mitchell has held the position for many years.  He worked at Dartington Crystal and now since he has retired helps maintain the Commons which is another important job.  Al  is also well known as a musician and has been in a number of bands over the years.  He is an excellent instrumentalist on guitar and sings a range of types of music.

As well as being the current Town Crier and Flag Raiser, Al has also agreed to take on the role of Town Marshall for the Town Council. The Town Marshall assists the Town Council at civic events where a parade takes place.  It is the Town Marshall’s role to ensure the correct order for the parade and that it departs on time.