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Role of the Deputy Mayor

The Role of Deputy Mayor is one of supporting the current Mayor.

This may seem to be and in some respects is a less arduous task. However the Deputy Mayor will be expected to undertake some of the roles of the Mayor who may not be able to attend all functions and events.

The Deputy Mayor must also be ready to assume the Chairmanship of Council Meetings in the absence of the Mayor. For this reason the requirements under the heading Chairman of the Council in the Mayor’s job description apply to the Deputy Mayor. In particular item 11 relating to Standing Orders.

The Deputy Mayor is not paid an allowance but may claim expenses for official duties.

Should the Mayor for whatever reason be no longer able to undertake his/her duties it will be the duty of the Deputy Mayor to take over the role until either, the Mayor is able to assume his/her duties, the Deputy Mayor is confirmed as Mayor OR a new Mayor is appointed.