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Refuse & Recycling

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Please visit Torridge District Councils Refuse and Recycling page HERE for more information


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Youth Services

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Please see below a schedule of Youth Services available in Torrington, this list is by no means exhaustive and if you should know of any children's group missed off please do let us know. Whilst this list of youth groups has been compiled by the Town Council to help prospective members, the Council has in no way approved the clubs nor recommends any club in particular. Prospective members and their parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that any specific club is suitable for them.

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Space (formerly the Devon Youth Service) has 8 youth centres which are buildings for young people to meet, develop skills, try new things and belong.

You will find a youth centre in Exeter, Okehampton, Totnes, Newton Abbot, Exmouth, Tiverton, Bideford and Barnstaple. Each centre is different but they are all staffed by experienced youth workers.

The youth centres are open at different times, when you need them – after school/college/work, in the evenings and at weekends.

They offer a huge range of services that include:

  • support, advice and information on the things that affect you
  • challenging accreditation and awards
  • physical activities
  • cooking
  • gaming
  • music and recording services for young bands
  • volunteering opportunities
  • a safe, chilled space to meet up with your friends
  • individual one-to-one support on a referral basis

Find out more about the centres and all the services available at

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Public Conveniences

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Torridge District Council manage and maintain public conveniences at many locations throughout the district.

Torridge District Council is working hard to improve the standard of public conveniences for which it is responsible. Improved lighting, reduced water consumption and higher standards of cleanliness are just three of the issues being addressed.

As part of an ongoing refurbishment programme, Torridge is introducing facilities for disabled users and baby change facilities wherever possible. Where fitted, 'Wallgate' hand wash/dry units will provide warm water and soap and hot air for hand drying. 'No-touch' flushing mechanisms will also provide a more hygienic and reliable method for flushing w.c's.

Many of Torridge District Councils public conveniences include accessible toilets for people with disabilities. These accessible toilets are open 24 hours although the majority are fitted with 'RADAR' locks. The national 'RADAR' (Royal Association For Disability And Rehabilitation) scheme requires users to have a special Radar Key to gain access to accessible toilets. Keys can be obtained from Torridge District Council Offices, priced at £3.00 each or by visiting the RADAR website at:


South Street Public Conveniences          The Commons Public Conveniences


Opening times for Torrington Public conveniences:- 





  Summer Winter Full Partial Radar  

Pannier Market







The Commons







South Street








Swimming Pool

During pool opening hours



- -

Castle Hill

During normal office hours


- - -
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Great Torrington Town Council is consulted on all planning applications in the town but the final decision on applications is made by Torridge District Council

Please visit Torridge District Councils Planning pages HERE.

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Parking Services

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Torridge District Council operate a number of Pay & Display car parks across the District and also act as agent to Devon County Council for the enforcement of on street parking regulations.

Off street car park charges (Pay & Display) apply each day of the week between 8am and 6pm except Christmas Day and New Years Day.

For our regular users, weekly tickets are available from the Pay & Display machines. Alternatively, Season, Business and Residents permits are also available from the Parking Office.

For our visitors, a Tourist Permit is now available from Council Offices.


 Barley Grove Car Park                                                   Sydney House Car Park



Motor Home Overnight Parking

As from 15th March 2013, Motor Home overnight parking has been introduced in Sydney House Car Park, Torrington, EX38 8AA

The charge is £5 per night (any period between 6pm and 10am) and tickets can be purchased from the Pay & Display machines situated in the car park.
Please note that motor homes should be parked with a distance of 6 meters between vehicles.
For more information on overnight parking for Motor Homes in other areas of the UK go to Motorhome Stopovers in the UK and Ireland


The Parking Services pages provide information on a diverse range of topics. To find the topic most relevant to you please visit Torridge District Councils Parking Services pages HERE.

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Torridge District Council is required by law to regulate a wide range of activities. The primary purpose of the licensing function is to protect the public and to promote high standards of operation in licensed premises.

Licensing Team

The Licensing Team grants licences for alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment, taxis, animal welfare establishments, motor salvors and scrap metal dealers, boat and boatmen, society lotteries, street and house to house collections and various types of betting and gaming.  

For further information on a specific licence, permit or registration, please visit Torridge District Councils Housing pages HERE.

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Information and advice on housing services provided by Torridge District Council and by Housing Associations in the Torridge area.

Please visit Torridge District Councils Housing pages HERE.

Torridge District Council's main responsibilities are:

Housing Advice and Options Service (for those needing advice about their current circumstances and any difficulties with housing).

Housing Renewal (information for private sector tenants, owners and landlords about services including grants, loans, empty homes, houses in multiple occupation and energy efficiency).

Disabled Facilities Grants

Housing Strategy

Being an active participant in the Devon Supporting People partnership which funds Supported (for example sheltered) Housing.

Westward Housing Group

Westward Housing Group is a major housing association in the south west.

It encompasses Tarka Housing, Westcountry Housing, Help to Buy South West and Horizon Homes.

As a developing landlord, we build new homes across the region, working in partnership with local authorities to rent homes to those in need.


Contact Details;

  • Tarka House, Clovelly Road Industrial Estate, Bideford EX39 3HN
  • General Enquiries: 01237 428080  Emergency Repair line: 0300 100 1010
  • Website:


If you wish to be considered for Social Housing in the Torridge Area, either with Westward Housing or one of the other Social Landlords working in the district, please go to the "Need To Move?" section on the Torridge Council Website

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Highways and Streets

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Information on the naming and numbering of streets and the maintenance of roads, footpaths, hedges, verges, street lights can be found on the Torridge District Council website

Please visit Torridge District Councils Highways and Streets pages HERE.

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Your feedback about services, whether good or bad, gives us the opportunity to improve what we do and the way we do it. This of course, applies to the services that the district and the county councils offer to you , as residents of Great Torrington Town.

We want to know if you are unhappy with some aspect of council services but we also want to hear from you if we have done something well or if you have a suggestion for how we could do something better.

You can give us your feedback by choosing one of the contact options below:

  • Visit us or telephone the Town Council Office on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning between 9am and 1pm
  • Talk to one of your local Town Councillors
  • Send an email:
  • Write to us via the details provided in the Contact Us Link
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Environmental Protection

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Torridge District Council’s Environmental Protection team works to protect the local environment and to control pollution. We also provide pest control advice and animal welfare services.

Our Mission is our commitment to improve the service we provide.

The Torridge Strategic Plan sets a vision of Torridge a great place to live, work and visit.  This statement cuts across everything we do within Environmental Protection, so how will we contribute to the vision?

By continuing to;

  • Seek opportunities to work with businesses, neighbouring authorities, voluntary organisations and external agencies to protect the public and our local environment 
  • Reducing the regulatory burden on business by targeting enforcement interventions proportional to risk and reducing interventions where there is diligent compliance with statutory obligations
  • Respond to complaints about commercial premises where we have enforcement responsibilities
  • Deal with nuisance from noise, smoke, dust, odours etc
  • Enforce against dog fouling
  • Provide pest control advice
  • Look after animal welfare in the District
  • Issue licenses and approvals
  • Control contaminated land
  • Monitor and control local air pollution

We are committed to the evolution and improvement of the Service. We are constantly exploring new ways of working by looking at the innovations and lessons learned by Beacon Services in excellent performing authorities.

Please visit Torridge District Councils Environmental Protection pages HERE.

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Emergency Planning

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Emergency Planning is part of the Environmental Health and Public Protection team at Torridge District Council, and is responsible for preparing and maintaining emergency plans, and assisting the Emergency Services to deal with major emergencies.

When responding to a major emergency Torridge District Council's role is to support the Emergency Services,  co-ordinate the Council's response, ensure local services continue to be provided, and help or lead in returning the Community to a state of normality.

Torridge District Council works closely with the Emergency Services (Police, Fire and Rescue Service and Ambulance), Devon County Council and other organisations as appropriate.

Please visit Torridge District Councils Emergency Planning pages HERE.


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Economic Regeneration

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Priorities for economic development in Great Torrington

The Great Torrington Futures Group has now re-convened with an enlarged membership of 4 Councillors and 5 lay members.  

Based on several local consultations over recent years, we have constructed a questionnaire about options for economic and related development.   Your Town Councillors were each asked to indicate 10 priorities out of a list of 45 proposals.   

A complete summary of their choices is available from the Council Offices at Castle Hill.   The top five priorities, with at least half of the twelve Councillors selecting them, were:

• Encourage more of the thousands of visitors to Dartington Crystal and RHS Rosemoor to visit the town (11).

• Investigate how to attract small and medium-sized businesses, including those working in technology, arts/media, niche industries and internet marketing (9).

• Work with District and County Councils to determine options for business development and inward investment (7)

• Market the town and the locality online (7).

• Improve the image of New Street as it is one of the stronger impressions that visitors receive about Torrington (6).

38 out of the 45 items were selected as a priority by at least one Councillor, which perhaps reflects the diversity of local opinion about how people would like to see the town develop. 

You may have noticed the new town information boards which we have sited at Sydney House Car Park; Barley Grove Car Park; Tarka Valley Railway; Old Bowling Green; Dartington Crystal and RHS Rosemoor.   Members of the Futures Group will lead on short-term projects which can be realised fairly easily and cheaply; but will also address the challenges of longer-term, more complex projects.  Whether it is seats and bike racks which make the town more user-friendly, or commercial investment which improves the local economy, we shall aim for changes which have a lasting impact.   

Great Torrington Futures Group:  Di Davey, Chenie Miller, Keeley Allin, Peter Bevan, Chris Bright, Cheryl Cottle-Hunkin, Ian Ashelford, Phil Topham, John Eeles.

If you would like to help with our work, or comment on our activities, please contact us:

By email to:     

By writing to: GTF, c/o Great Torrington Town Council, Castle Hill, South Street, Great Torrington, EX38 8AA

By hand delivery to: Great Torrington Town Council mailbox at Castle Hill

Via the Great Torrington Facebook page at:

The role of the Economic Regeneration Team at Torridge is to help develop the local economy and provide strategic input to local and regional economic policy making. The Council is committed to attracting new jobs to the area through it's inward investment programme and works in partnership with other agencies.

The Economic Regeneration Team works throughout the region to promote the interests of Torridge District, its businesses and communities.

More information can be found on the main Torridge Council Website HERE

Further useful information can be found on the Devon Delivers Website HERE


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The Commons Allotments Charity

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The charity scheme was approved and established by the Charity Commissioners in 1968. It is a small charity which owns circa 32.4 acres (circa 13.1 hectares) of land in the parish of Great Torrington.  Further information about the Charity can be found on the Charity Commission Website by clicking here.

The majority of the land is rented by a local farmer. The remainder is used by the Council as allotments for local people.  The modest income for the Charity comes from the letting of the land and from investments. 

Great Torrington Town Council administers the COMMONS ALLOTMENTS CHARITY.  Each year the charity allocates its small amount of funds to locally based community groups. 

Miss K. Chapman, Town Clerk

Great Torrington Town Council
Castle Hill
Great Torrington
Devon. EX38 8AA
Tel: 01805 626135
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Council Land and Buildings

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Allotments in Great Torrington

The Council, following requests, has now provided 46 allotments at Weare Trees, on the road to Weare Gifford. Each allotment plot measures approximately 7m x 21m and at present the cost for renting a plot is £18 per year. The site is so popular, in spite of being on a hill, that there is a waiting list for plots.

Anyone wishing to add their name to the waiting list should contact the Town Clerks Secretary on 01805 626135 or in writing to the Great Torrington Town Council, Castle Hill, Great Torrington, EX38 8AA or by email to


The following information is from the Torridge Council Website. 

Please visit Torridge District Councils Land & Building pages HERE.

The Council's Land and Property Portfolio is widely spread throughout the district to provide a service to the community, but is concentrated within the main Towns of Bideford, Great Torrington, Northam and Holsworthy. The Portfolio includes a variety of Land and property assets including Managed Commercial land and industrial estates, offices, depots, car parks, cemeteries, play areas, public conveniences, woods and amenity land

Further information about our estate and how we manage it can be found on the pages below. These pages contain the relevant contact details for individual officers that you may wish to speak to. Alternatively, click on "Full details for Property and Procurement Team" on the right of this page for a full list of officers along with their contact details.

We have recently completed full registration of our estate with HM land Registry, along with updating our system to an electronic 'terrier' of land and property assets. Please contact us if you wish to know whether the Council own a piece of land or property. Please note, that we do not hold details of land and property in private ownership. Any queries in this regard should be directed to HM Land Registry

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Community Safety

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Torridge District Council works as part of the Safer North Devon community safety partnership to improve the quality of life for residents in Torridge, by reducing crime and disorder and improving community safety and security.

What is Community Safety?

Everyone would like to live in a safe community where there is no fear of becoming a victim of crime and where they feel safe in their homes and going about their daily lives.  Community Safety concerns us all, and by working together we stand the best chance of making Torridge a safer place to live, work and play in.

Torridge District Council works as part of the Safer Devon community safety partnership to improve the quality of life for residents in Torridge, by reducing crime and disorder and improving community safety and security.

We work closely with the Police, Elected Members and other community and voluntary organisations about issues that concern residents.

Torridge District Council contributes to the delivery of a wide range of initiatives, including:

  • Anti-social Behaviour Orders, which tackles the worst cases of anti-social behaviour in the District
  • Prolific Offenders Scheme, working with offenders to change their behaviour
  • Bideford Radio Link and other similar schemes – working with businesses in the town centres to reduce crime.

These are just some of the projects which together aim to have a real impact on residents and making people fell safer.  Our approach is to:

  • Improve security to reduce the opportunity for crime
  • Work with offenders, and potential offenders to change behaviour
  • Raise public awareness of both the true incidence of crime, and our work to reduce the fear of crime.

"The Police and District Councils, with other partners, work together as "Safer Devon Partnership", your local Community Safety Partnership, responding to local issues around Crime, reducing Anti-Social Behaviour and building confidence in our communities.

To find out about their latest work visit"

To find out more, please visit Torridge District Councils Community Safety pages HERE.


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Community Development

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Torridge District Council’s Community Development Team provide a diverse range of support to local communities, financially and through the provision of information, advice and guidance.

The Community Development Team is headed up by Sean Kearney as Commercial and Leisure Services Manager, and the work of the Service includes: supporting local community partnerships, working with the voluntary sector and the provision of community grants, and assisting with the delivery of local community projects, and working in partnership with a number of agencies to deliver services across the District.

Torridge District Council and Torridge Voluntary Services provide a wide range of community development and supportive services

Please visit Torridge District Councils Community Development pages HERE.

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Cemeteries and Burials

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Torridge District Council Manage the Cemeteries and Burial Services for the District

Please visit the Cemeteries and Burials Pages on Torridge District Council's website HERE.

Family History is a popular hobby and Great Torrington Town Council is pleased to provide the first part of a searchable database of the Authorities cemeteries for the local historian which is maintained by Torridge District Council. 


Great Torrington Town Council  complies with the new General Data Protection Regulations.  Please use the links to view our General Data Protection Privacy Notices, our Data Protection Policy an Our Data Retention Policy.