Colonel Ashley Fulford OBE was invited to the September Council meeting to be presented with a Certificate of Appreciation to thank him for all the work he has done for the young people of Devon, and in particular Great Torrington, through his work in the Devon Army Cadet Force.

Colonel Fulford stood down from his post as Commandant of Devon Army Cadet Force in April this year after having given over 40 years of service to the cadets as a cadet himself, an adult instructor and Officer.  He will remain in the Army Cadet Force in his national roles as Chairman of the ACF Duke of Edinburgh Advisory Panel and as one of the Vice Presidents of the Cadet Force Commissioning Board.


The Building Preservation Trust apologies for the unavoidable cluttered state of the Under Croft.

Our Builders are currently working hard to complete the new extension at the back of the Town Hall, with the essential improvements being made to the garage at the rear.  This in turn means that items used for the May Fair have no place to be stored other than the Under Croft. 

Hopefully, the situation should be rectified by the end of November.  Please be assured that we are doing our best to ensure that the Under Croft will be available for use as soon as possible.


Tuesday, 04 September 2018 14:43

TTVS Membership

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Great Torrington Town Council are privileged to be able to acknowledge the continued dedication that Captain Trevor Cook and SMI Trevor Goaman have shown to the youth of Great Torrington over the past 25 years through their work delivering expert training to the Torrington Army Cadet Detachment. They were presented with Certificates of Appreciation by the Mayor at the Full Council Meeting on 7th July 2018.


Thursday, 16 August 2018 09:32

Your local Museum needs you!

Great Torrington Museum is a popular tourist attraction, popular with locals and a key asset as the town celebrates its unique and abundant heritage. The museum hosts over 4700 artefacts, the largest number held by any North Devon museum.  The Museum has a  lot of exciting plans for the future but does need more help to bring these to fruition.

If you love Great Torrington, are proud of its heritage  and have a passion to be involved Peter and Val would love to hear from you. They can be contacted at or call them on 01805 622306

Specific needs for help include the following;

  • General admin
  • Bid writing
  • Safe guarding arrangements/policies 

Many thanks

Great Torrington Museum

The Town Council has approached Torridge District Council in relation to the state of the cemetery gates and the condition of the path ways due to bushes and brambles hanging over.   

Torridge District Council has confirmed that the gates are currently scheduled for re-painting and the paths will be also be looked at. Torridge assured the Town Council that brambles will be dealt with as they agreed these should not be across the paths.   

Torridge also confirmed that the toilet block at South Street Car Park is scheduled to have regular pressure washes and general maintenance will be addressed soon.

Karen Chapman, Town Clerk 

Tuesday, 17 July 2018 19:53

Mayfair Slideshow

Please click the link below to view a lovely slideshow of photographs taken by and put together by Cllr John Insull:-

Mayfair Slideshow

Monday, 18 June 2018 08:56

Mayfair Carnival Cup Winners

Decorated Float, Original  - Cup won by  “The Soul Taker” (K. Hill & Family)

Decorated Float, Comic -  Cup won by “The Very Last Stones Tour”  (Cockwill family & Wrinklies Cavaliers)

Decorated Float, Local Family  -  Cup won by “The Soul Taker”  (K. Hill & Family)

Best Overall Float -  Cup won by  “The Soul Taker” (K. Hill & Family)

Adult Walking Character  -  Cup won by “President Putin”  (C. Tattersall)

Walking Characters (3 or more)  -  Cup won by “Swan Lake, Birds of a Feather”  (C. WAGS)

Carnival Queen -  Cup won by Barnstaple Carnival Queen

Fairy Queen  - Cup won by Holsworthy Fairy Queen




              PRESIDENT PUTIN              SWAN LAKE - BIRDS OF A FEATHER            



Thursday, 07 June 2018 14:07

Torrington and District Men's Shed


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