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Organisation List 2019/20

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 Representative for 2019/2020

Arts, Music and Heritage Festival

Cllrs Clayton, Maisey, Rose and Smith

Area Advisory Group

Cllrs Cottle-Hunkin, Davey and Smith

Building Preservation Trust

Cllrs Brown, Mills and Rose


Cllr Bright

Chamber of Trade

Cllrs Bright and Cox

Citizens Advice

Cllr Davey

Children's groups

Cllrs Cooper, Cottle-Hunkin and Strode


Cllrs Cox and Mills

Community Development Trust

Cllrs Ford and Rose


Cllrs Insull, Maisey and Strode


Cllrs Clayton and Rose

Deepmoor Liaison

Cllr Mills

Denys Yonge Trust

Cllr Strode

Devon Association of Parish Councils

Cllr Mills

Devon County Council

Cllr Saywell

Fair Trade

Cllr Miller


Cllrs Brown, Clayton and Cox

Futures Group

Cllrs Bright, Maisey and Miller

Heritage Groups

Cllrs Cottle-Hunkin, Cox, Davey, Mills and Rose

Leisure and Recreation

Cllr Brown

Mayfair Committee

All Members automatically become Members of the Mayfair Committee

Men's Sheds

Cllr Davey


Cllr Cooper and Maisey

Police Liaison

Cllr Mills


Cllrs Allin and Mills


Cllrs Cooper, Cox, Smith and Strode

Sporting Groups

Cllrs Cottle-Hunkin, Davey and Rose

Torridge District Council

Cllrs Bright Brown and Cottle-Hunkin

Torrington and District Care Forum

Cllrs Brown and Insull

Torrington in Bloom

Cllrs Allin, Brown and Mills

Youth Groups

Cllrs Allin, Bright, Cooper, Cottle-Hunkin, Miller and Strode




Lead Members:-


Economic Development

 Cllr Davey


 Cllr Strode


 Cllr Bright


 Cllr Mills

NHS/Health and Wellbeing

 Cllrs Brown, Davey and Insull


 Cllr Brown

Uniformed Emergency Services

 Cllr Mills

Social Media

 Cllr Allin


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