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Thursday, 22 June 2017 08:10

Great Torrington Futures Group - July update

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Please see our previous articles (November 2016 to April 2017), now available on The Crier website:    

The new information boards are now at the printers and during June they should be installed at various sites around the town:  Sydney House Car Park; Barley Grove Car Park; Puffing Billy/Tarka Valley Railway; Old Bowling Green; Dartington Crystal and RHS Rosemoor.  The boards were originally drafted by the Town Team with money from the Mary Portas High Street project. They’ve been updated and completed with financial support from the Town Council via the Town and Parish Fund. You will be the judge but hopefully they provide visitors with a sense of Torrington’s history together with guidance to its current attractions and facilities.

The Great Torrington Futures Group has done a lot of preparatory work over the last 9 months in researching small town regeneration and in collating and summarising the proposals from town studies since 1995. The next step is for decisions to be taken about, well, the next steps to be taken with this ‘Torrington to-do-list’.   

Right now the group is taking a pause in its activities because we need more people from the town to help with its economic and social development.  Judging from comments on social media and in local papers, there is no shortage of opinions about the need to get things done but rather a shortage of people willing to do them. The government is placing more responsibilities on local government at all levels so town councillors have rather a lot to keep the show on the road; doing more than that is inevitably going to require help from the rest of us.

We left a pile of skills audit forms on the table in the foyer of Castle Hill and are pleased to see that most of them have been taken. If you have completed a form, please send it back to us and we will get in touch. But most of what we hope to do doesn’t require professional expertise, just common sense in solving problems.

Contact us with your views or to get involved:-

By email to:    

By writing to: GTF, c/o Great Torrington Town Council, Castle Hill, South Street, Great Torrington, EX38 8AA

By hand delivery to: Great Torrington Town Council mailbox at Castle Hill

Via the Great Torrington Facebook page at:


Great Torrington Futures Group

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