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Thursday, 18 June 2015 11:20

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Carol Curtis 60th Birthday Celebration

Also on Saturday 27th I attended a 60th Birthday Party for Carol Curtis at Weare Gifford village hall, I have known Carol a long time and she was so delighted to see so many family and friends on the evening. The music was a tribute ABBA band who were fantastic, everyone singing along. Happy Birthday Carol, I know how much you enjoyed your special evening. Thank you for the invite, it was a wonderful evening.  

Bob Scrivener 90th Birthday Celebration

On Saturday 27th January I was delighted to attend a open house, for Bob Scrivener who was celebrating his 90th Birthday.  Bob had a constant stream of visitors, both Family, friends, and old workmates. And it was lovely talking to Bob about the old days, and the various jobs he had.  I would like to wish a big thank you to Bobs family for the kind invite. 

Woodland Vale Uniform Week

A couple weeks ago I went to Woodland Vale for Uniform Week.  All of the residents loved the Mayoral Chain, so much that some wanted to try it on.  Here are a few photos of some ladies and Gentleman trying on the chain, the last gentleman standing up with the chains on told me he was a pop singer who had sung with Rod Stewart & Cliff Richards - he is Terry White and the Terriers, we then got one of his songs from YouTube playing on the Television, and then he sang to us all. We were treated to tea and cutrounds, jam & cream, then a singsong.  This was truly a wonderful afternoon, thank you all for the invite.



Muriel Pitts 90th Birthday Celebration

On Saturday 6th January I was delighted to attend a surprise birthday party for Muriel Pitts.  Muriel is a lovely lady, who with her late friend Kath Weeks did so much for our town.  Happy Birthday Muriel, it was lovely to see you and your family and friends, Big Al and the Cavaliers all sang, and as Tony Easton said, it's our way of thanking you for all you have done for Torrington.  


Christmas Day

On Christmas Day Keeley & I visited Woodland Vale, Abbeyfield, and Hatchmoor nursing home.  It is always a pleasure to visit and talk to their residents, we are so lucky to have these excellent places in our town, and I thank all the staff for their care and hard work. 

80th Birthday Celebration

On Saturday 23rd December I visited John Fowler of Kingsmead, on his 80th birthday - I recently visited this lovely couple on their 50th wedding Anniversary and so was delighted to wish many congratulations to John on his special birthday.

Bach's Christmas Oratorio at St Michaels Church

On Saturday 18th December my deputy Mayor Di Davey and I attend Bach's Christmas Oratorio at St Michaels Church, an event by North Devon Choral Society, we both enjoyed the evening, thank you for the invite.   

Surprise meal at Great Torrington School for former pupil Mr George Lake

Just before Christmas a surprise was arranged for a good friend of mine, Mr George Lake, he had recently been to the senior school talking about old times at the school, but had mentioned to me how he would love to have lunch with The Mayor, so Tracy Amos the Headteacher arranged for George to come in for Christmas Lunch, and I met him at the door, we enjoyed a delicious lunch, served by the Staff and Teachers.  I know this made Goerge's day, and I would like to thank Tracy for the kind invitation. 

Two events at Torrington Golf Club

On the 14th December I attended Torrington Golf Clubs committee Christmas party, the food at the golf club is delicious and I was honoured to be presented with a golf membership for the year, thank you all and to Fairway Catering for the excellent food.  The following evening we were back at the golf club for my Mayors charity meal, I thank everyone who attended, and I raised well over £350.00. 

Torrington Army Cadets Christmas Party

On the 8th Dec Keeley and I attend the Torrington Cadets Christmas Party at the Torrington Arms.  This group is one of my Mayors charities this year, we enjoyed a lovely meal, and I thank you all for everything you do for us in Torrington.  I was invited to present the following awards:-

Senior Cadet of the Year: Cpl Hickford
Junior Cadet of the Year: Lcp;l Ley
Nco of the Year: Cpl.Birch
Most improved senior shot: CSM Webber
Most improved junior shot, Cdt. Newberry S
Recruit of the Year: Cdt Hopkins
Dedication and commitment, DM Pitcher
Turnout and Bearing, LCpl Bolt
Cpl Hickford was also awarded her letter of commendation from St Johns Ambulance for a first aid incident she was a part of earlier in the year.



Guides Open Night

On the 6th Dec I attended a Guides Open Night at the Rugby club, where they showed a display of uniforms over the years.  I was delighted to celebrate with Karen Sluggett who was presented with a beautiful piece of glass on reaching 20 years service, thank you all for the wonderful work you do for our children in the town.


Petrockstowe Parish Church Christmas Tree Celebration and Great Torrington Grinchmas

On the 2nd Dec I visited Petrockstowe Parish church Christmas Tree celebration, well over 20 trees all decorated by local traders or people, it was an excellent idea to raise money for repairs to their church, I wish you well in raising funds. Then I raced back to Torrington, to attend the Torrington Chamber of Trade Grinch Christmas Fayre, and what a fantastic day it was. Only a few months ago, the Chamber of Trade had a meeting, appointed a new chair and many new members, who then put plans together to organise this wonderful event.