Local Council Personalities

Great Torrington Town Council has a new Beadle.  But Les is not new to being a Beadle as he used to be the Beadle for Bideford Town Council for 5 years. He comes highly recommended by Bideford Town Council.  Les moved on retirement with his wife to live in North Devon and has been here for 9 years.  Our Mayor Cllr Margaret Brown will be in safe hands when she is out and about with Les because he is a former paramedic.  Previously he was an engineer in the aerospace industry.   

For over 25 years, Mario has kept the recreation fields in top condition for the local football players and school sports days. The locals call it the Wembley Turf because the surface is so good! Part of the secret of good pitch management is managing the team matches in poor weather and Mario has had to cancel a few fixtures in his time against the popular vote!

Originally from Italy, Mario came to Great Torrington via Sweden to work in the glass industry at the Dartington factory He met Gwen, a former Torrington May Queen and stayed! The family have enjoyed many May Days with children and grandchildren enjoying roles over the years as May Queens and attendants and now Mario himself, is a Mace Bearer .

The pageantry appeals and he is hoping to enjoy many more May Days.

Over 6 years as a Mace Bearer for the town but for many years before retiring Brian worked as a familiar face keeping the town tidy!

Brian came to the South West to work in a local pub and like so many people, came to stay!

A long and settled career with Torridge District Council caring and cleaning Torrington Town's streets has meant that Brian is well known to many people. He believes strongly in the honour of the Mace Bearer's role (Brian is standing to the right of the Beadle) and enjoys the May Day pageantry.

Remembrance Sunday and the Mayors Church Parade are two other occasions that you can spot our well dressed and very proud team of gentleman in their roles. Make sure you greet them and support them the next time they pass by!


The Town Crier has an important role in Great Torrington.  He is there to bring order to various celebrations and events.  He announces the Mayor and the Town Clerk and his loud voice is essential when there is noisy crowd to silence, particularly during the Proclamation of the Mayfair.

Al has held the position for many years.  He worked at Dartington Crystal and now since he has retired helps maintain the Commons which is another important job.  Al Mitchell is also well known as a musician and has been in a number of bands over the years.  He is an excellent instrumentalist on guitar and sings a range of types of music.

The role of the Town Marshall is important as it organises the parades and possession through the town on important days such as Mayfair, Remembrance Sunday and the Civic Service.  Louise is ideally suit to this role as she has been in the Army Forces and she has the authority to assemble the parade in an orderly fashion.

Louise is a former town councillor and runs her own Fitness business in the town. She is a Great Torrington person. Louise joins in with other activities such as the Round the Tree Race which takes place on the Friday after Mayfair.