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We have had a good summer although we were operating in two sites, the Market House and the reception area in the main museum. We do thank our volunteers for all their cheerfulness and knowledge which can be seen in the comments in our visitors book.

How many of you who live in Torrington have been into the museum?

A small group of us have brought the museum from a small country museum situated in the Town Hall to where it is now. We are now embarking on the next phase which is to bring it into the 21st century and this is where we need your help. Running a museum these days is like organizing a business, were we do need special expertise and skills. Perhaps you have done a risk assessment, or looked after Fire protection in the work place. Could you help us by doing one of these items? It would be a massive help. We also need somebody to look after the copyright and the new Data protection laws. Also someone who would like to organize a group to help with events, talks and exhibitions and fund raising. I know it is a long list,  however some of our volunteers are looking after the Health and Safety and Safe guarding aspects and others are hoping to engage with the schools. Perhaps the schools themselves could come and talk to us. There must be many people living in the houses round Torrington hiding their knowledge and skills away, we need you.

As I have said before this is a community museum supported by the Town Council. We have had many grants from organisations to put us where we are now. However the major grant is now with the Heritage Lottery and the other week we did have a very good meeting with them, but there is still much work to be done with engaging with different organisations in the town. We also have to show there are many people in the town helping to sustain and move the museum forward.

The museum is one of the major tourist’s attractions for the Town and if we fail to move ahead, due to lack of commitment by people in the town, it will be one of the saddest days for the town.

Please do not just read this and dismiss it as not important, but come and speak to us we really do need your help. Please become an advisor to the museum.

Moving the museum forward depends on each one of us in Great Torrington.

Every year all Councils update their Electoral Register, and as part of this every residential property in the Torridge District has been sent a Household Registration Form. Every household needs to reply every year in order to stay on the electoral register, so that they can vote in future elections, even if there are no changes to record. The forms tell householders who currently appears on the electoral register at their address.

Over 85% of properties in the area have responded to the forms, but 4,763 (15%) of properties have yet to respond.  Over the coming weeks the 15% who have not yet responded will be visited by electoral canvassers to encourage them to confirm the details held for their property, or make any necessary amendments on the form.

House-to-house calls will take place until 13th November.  All canvassers will carry identification, and may visit the properties during early evenings and at the weekends, as well as during the day. Registering to vote gives you the opportunity to have a say on important issues that affect you. If you are not on the Electoral Register, you cannot vote. Registering to vote does not mean you have to vote, it just means you can if you want to. If you are not on the Electoral Register it may also affect your credit rating, which may lead to difficulty when applying for mortgages, credit cards or even a mobile phone contract.

Residents can either hand the completed form to the canvasser, return the form in the post to the Council, respond online or by telephone.  Residents responding online or by phone do not need to send the form back to the Council Offices.

For more information contact the electoral services team on 01237 428739 or


Tuesday, 05 September 2017 16:30

Unable to find Childcare?

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If you are a parent who has been unable to find suitable childcare, please let Devon County Council know by completing this form so they can support you to find childcare and it can help them plan: 

Please click HERE to complete DCC form


Tuesday, 19 September 2017 09:00

Counselling Directory

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When you’re going through a difficult time, it can be easy to keep your worries to yourself. While we all have our own ways of coping, information and support can make a huge difference. It’s easily forgotten, but just like your physical health, your mental health needs care and attention too.

Counselling Directory is a website dedicated to supporting you on your journey. With fact-sheets, expert articles, local events and recent news, you can learn more about counselling and how it can help.

When you are ready, you can use their advanced search tool to find a counsellor you resonate with. With thousands of professionals listed on the directory, the tool allows you to refine your search by location, issue and type of therapy, ensuring you find the right person.

The team at Counselling Directory believe everyone deserves happiness and know how daunting asking for help can be. Wherever you are on your journey, know that change is possible. Counselling Directory is there be the hand to hold as you take your next steps.

Please watch a useful video about Counselling Directory here or for more information please visit the website.