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Lloyds Bank - Survey

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Following the closure of Lloyds Bank Plc in June 2017, the bank has provided a mobile service to the town.  The mobile bank visits Great Torrington on a Monday and Thursday each week and positions itself at the bottom of Sydney House Car Park.

At the beginning of 2019 the Town Council approached Lloyds with regards to the positioning of the mobile bank.  It is positioned at the bottom end of the car park and is an approximate walk of 200 metres from the top of the car park, which is also a further 100 meters from the town centre.  The Town Council approached Lloyds with regards to opportunities to have the mobile bank closer to the town and primarily at the top end of the car park.

Lloyds Bank plc undertook a 2-week survey in May with customers who visited the van. The outcome of their survey concluded that a high percentage of customers visiting the van were happy with the current position. As a result of this, Lloyds were naturally reluctant to make any changes.

There has been concern however, that the survey would not have included those people who no longer visit the van due to its location and may have made alternative arrangements.  For this reason, it has been proposed that the Town Council conducts its own informal survey, primarily to target those who no longer use the van, or limit use due to accessibility issues.

Lloyds Bank has confirmed that they are in support of this action and has asked the Town Council to report any findings to them, for their consideration.

Therefore, the Town Council would like to ask members of the public to respond to the following questions;

1.Have you stopped using the Lloyds mobile van due to its current location? Yes/No 

2.Do you visit the van less frequently due to its’ current location? Yes/No

3.Would you use the van more if the van was situated at the top of the car park? Yes/No

4.Name and contact details (not obligatory)

If you have a view on this matter, please respond to the above questions and pass information to the Town Council, either by e-mail, ( letter or handing your responses into the office in person, Castle Hill, Great Torrington EX38 8AA.

The survey will run up to 31st January 2020 at which time we will collate responses and feed back to Lloyds Bank accordingly.

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