Councillors from May 2019

The Election for Town Councillors for Great Torrington Town Council was uncontested and therefore the following people are elected as councillors going forward for the next 4 years.  The Town Council would like to thank Cathrine Simmons and Nigel Stark for all that they have both done as they step down.  Cathrine Simmons has been a town councillor since 1991 (with one 4-year break) and district councillor for the past 6 years. Cathrine has brought a huge amount of experience to the role as well as working extremely hard for local issues, both locally and at district level.  Cllr Stark joined the Town Council in June 2015 and has also brought the benefit of his experience in a variety of different areas for the benefit of the community.  We wish both Cathrine and Nigel our very best wishes for the future.

Councillors for Great Torrington Town Council – May 2019

  • Cllr Miss Keeley Allin
  • Cllr Chris Bright
  • Cllr Mrs Margaret Brown
  • Cllr Mrs Gill Clayton
  • Cllr Mrs Laura Cooper
  • Cllr Mrs Cheryl Cottle-Hunkin
  • Cllr Harry Cox
  • Cllr Mrs Di Davey
  • Cllr Stephen Ford
  • Cllr John Insull
  • Cllr Des Maisey
  • Cllr Miss Chenie Miller
  • Cllr Miss Sue Mills
  • Cllr Jonathan Rose
  • Cllr Doug Smith
  • Cllr Mrs Siobhan Strode

Karen Chapman, Town Clerk

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